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The Tesla long-term rental explained

25.05.2023 - updated on 10.05.2024
The Tesla Long Term Rental is an innovative concept designed specifically for people who would like to use a Tesla, but don't want to make the long-term commitments of buying or leasing a car.
This article describes what Tesla Long Term Rental is exactly, how it works and provides information about the benefits it brings.

What is the Tesla long-term rental?

Tesla long-term rental, also called Tesla subscription, is a rental process that involves renting a car for an extended period of time, usually anywhere from one month to several years. Unlike traditional car rental, where cars can usually only be rented for a few days or weeks, a subscription offers a flexible option for those who need a Tesla for a longer period of time and don't want to miss out on the Tesla driving fun.

Differences to traditional car rental

Traditional rental is mainly aimed at people who want to rent a car temporarily, whether for a business trip or vacation. The rental period is usually only a few days or weeks. In contrast, long-term rent allows for longer usage, making it ideal for people who want to test drive a Tesla for a longer period of time.

Differences to leasing

Leasing is a popular option for those who want to use Tesla models for an extended time frame, but have no intention of buying it in the future. With leasing, the lessee pays a monthly payment and has certain restrictions during the usage period. In contrast, Tesla long-term rental offers greater flexibility as it does not require long-term contracts and allows for easier return of the electric car.

How does the Tesla long-term rental work?

The subscription is a straightforward process that usually goes as follows:
Selection of the desired Tesla:
Whether Model 3, or Model Y, Long Range or Performance: you choose that one of the models that best suits you. After checking the availability, nothing stands in the way of your subscription.
Determination of the rental period:
Depending on availability and preference, a subscription rental period is selected for the car. At Veltyx, for example, the rental period ranges from 2 to 18 months.
Checking the requirements:
There may be certain requirements such as a minimum age, a valid driver's license and a credit card as a payment method. These factors can vary, depending on the provider.
Signing the rental agreement:
After confirming all the prerequisites, a rental agreement is signed that specifies the details of the long-term rental.
Handover of the Tesla:
When the car is handed over, all required documents are usually reviewed and all car functions are explained.
When renting Veltyx Teslas, a detailed explanation of the vehicle and of all its features is offered upon delivery to ensure a pleasant, and safe rental experience from the first minute.
Usage period:
During the term, renters can use their Tesla like an owner, as long as the conditions specified in the rental agreement are respected. This guarantees full Tesla driving fun, including the use of the Teslas abroad, or in a specified area. The long-term rental also includes benefits such as the use of the Tesla app, the Tesla Supercharger network, the included navigation system and the premium connectivity, which allows access to mobile communications.
Even with the subscription, each Veltyx user can choose a suitable mileage package to fit any requirement. With Veltyx, the packages are flexibly customizable during the term.
Tesla App in Use
Return and conclusion of the long-term rental:
At the end of the rental period, the vehicle is simply returned. Any damage and mileage are checked, and then one is free to return the car or extend the lease.

These are the advantages of a Tesla subscription

The question that arises for many is the following: Why not make a purchase now instead of taking out a subscription? Here are some of the main benefits:
No long-term commitment
Tesla long-term rental offers a convenient and stress-free alternative to buying a car. Instead of carrying a high purchase cost or committing to long financing contracts, long-term rental allows you to enjoy a Tesla without having to make a long-term commitment to the car. This flexibility is especially attractive to those who want to plan their mobility needs for a short- or medium term.
Whether it's an extended business trip, a vacation, or a temporary change in living situation, Tesla long-term rental offers the ability to use a vehicle that meets individual needs without the financial or contractual commitment of long-term ownership.
Up-to-dateness and variety
Through the Tesla long-term rental, one always has access to the latest models of the Tesla car brand. One can choose the car that best suits one's needs and preferences. Thus, long-term rental is also good for those people, for example, who want to test different Teslas for a longer period of time before deciding to buy one.
No worries about maintenance and repairs
With Tesla long-term rental, maintenance and repairs are included in the rental price. This means that you don't have to worry about unexpected car maintenance costs at any time.
Environmentally friendly mobility without high purchase costs
The emission-free operation of Tesla vehicles directly contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Unlike conventional combustion engines, electric vehicles do not produce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming and air pollution. By choosing Tesla Long Term Rental and using a Tesla branded rental car, you are actively helping to reduce your personal carbon footprint and combat climate change.
Another aspect of Tesla's eco-friendly mobility is the efficiency of its electric engines. Tesla vehicles are characterized by high energy efficiency, meaning less electricity consumed per kilometer. This means that a longer range can be guaranteed than with conventional cars. This leads to a more efficient use of electricity, a reduction in energy consumption and a more relaxed driving experience.

The Tesla fleet for long-term rental

The range of Teslas offered by each provider is different. At Veltyx, for example, Teslas of the Model 3 and Y are offered in different versions to rent. Charging at the Supercharger can be booked as well.

Tesla Model 3

Veltyx offers an extensive selection of Tesla vehicles for long-term rental. Some of the models available include the Tesla Model 3, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, and the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Whether you're looking for a reliable everyday vehicle, a high-performance option, or a combination of style and performance, anyone interested in Tesla's electric cars can find the right model.

Tesla Model Y

Also available for long-term rental is the impressive Tesla Model Y. With this electric car, customers can enjoy an exceptional driving experience characterized by a combination of luxury, performance and environmental friendliness. The spacious interior, elegant design, and advanced technology make the Model Y Long Range an attractive option for those looking for a versatile and comfortable electric vehicle for long-term use.

What are the costs associated with the long-term rental?

The exact cost determination in the subscription mode depends on a few factors, such as the desired model, the rental period, and individual agreements. As a rule, the costs paid in a monthly rent, for long-term rental include the monthly rental fee, as well as the maintenance and insurance of the car.
At Veltyx, for example, the price for the long-term rent of a Model 3 including Supercharger package is €1,089 per month with 1,500 free kilometers.

In short: the Tesla subscription

The Tesla long-term rental is an innovative and flexible alternative to buying, short-term rent, or leasing. Customers can enjoy the benefits of a Tesla without making long-term commitments. It offers access to the latest Tesla models, environmentally friendly mobility and maintenance or repairs are included in the price of rent. The cost varies depending on the model, rental period and individual agreements.
To conclude: If you want comfort, flexibility and environmentally friendly mobility all in one, you're in the right place with a Tesla subscription.
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