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Your camping adventure with Veltyx

Time to enjoy an unforgettable Tesla camping adventure

At Veltyx, you'll find quality camping products and solutions for hire to help you get the most out of your Tesla camping holiday. We offer accessories made specifically for Tesla vehicles, such as mattresses and camping tents, to make your holiday experience as enjoyable as possible. This way, you can enjoy the unique combination of eco-friendly mobility and comfort during your next camping trip. Trust our quality, functionality and expert advice to make your Tesla camping adventure unforgettable.

Decide for yourself whether you only require the rental of camping equipment for your own Tesla, or whether you want to book the equipment together with a Veltyx rental vehicle!

Your advantages with Veltyx Camping

Camp Mode in every vehicle

Camp mode is a standard feature in every Tesla and can be easily activated via the climate menu. It regulates the interior temperature, keeps the humidity constantly low and supplies power to the USB and 12V sockets.

Cinema: Netflix, Disney+ and Co.

With the integrated infotainment unit, you can use your existing Netflix or Disney+ accounts to stream movies, TV series and other content. Nothing stands in the way of a cosy evening at the cinema on the campsite!

Rent equipment for your own Tesla

You can also rent camping accessories for your own Tesla model from us. Request online, pick up your accessories and head off on your camping holiday with premium camping equipment from Veltyx.

Vacations abroad with Veltyx

From Portugal to Norway - with Veltyx you can travel to every European country except a few and experience your holiday. International travel and navigation is included.
Persönliche Einweisung

Personal briefing for car and equipment

We do not only explain how to drive a Tesla, but also show you how to use the camping accessories. You'll be able to hit the road and set up camp at your destination without any hassle.

Vignette for Austria & Switzerland

Our vehicles are equipped with a (digital) vignette for Austria and Switzerland, so you can set off without any stops to explore our neighbouring countries.

A camping mattress for every requirement

Choose the right camping mattress for your needs to sleep comfortably with 1-2 people in the Model Y:

"Snooze Air" air mattress
With several air chambers for individual sleeping comfort. It offers space for 2 adults, is easy to inflate and takes up little space. Fits in the boot or trunk.

"TEMORIES" mattress
High quality memory foam for comfortable sleep. Compactly rolls up into the carry bag and fits perfectly in the frunk of the Model Y. Includes bed sheet for an optimal sleeping experience.

Comfort mattress
Simple, firm foam mattress with cold foam and soft padding. Recommended if you have little luggage, as it takes up the most space.
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Tesla tents for your next camping adventure

Tesla camping tents for every occasion - experience unforgettable camping adventures with your Tesla!

At Veltyx, you'll find the perfect solutions to comfortably sleep 1-2 people in your Tesla or even a group of up to 4 people in the Tesla lean-to tent. In addition to space for sleeping, you can also use the chamber(s) in the tent as additional storage space for equipment, luggage or as a room to relax.

One-room tent for 1-2 people

Rent a specially adapted 2-person tent that can be fitted to the Model Y. It offers an additional tent chamber. It offers an additional tent chamber that seamlessly mounts to your rental vehicle.

TEMORIES camping tent for 2-4 people

As another alternative, we offer you a special two-room Tesla tent, the TEMORIES camping tent, that can be perfectly attached to the Model Y. This spacious tent offers two chambers and thus space for up to 4 people to sleep comfortably. This spacious tent offers two chambers and thus space for up to 4 people to sleep comfortably.

Bicycle carrier for maximum camping fun

Where there are campsites, there are usually great offers for outdoor activities. Of course, you can't do without your own bicycles. That's why Veltyx Model Y vehicles can be booked with a trailer coupling and a matching bicycle carrier.
Camping Accessories Price List
Mattress, tent or both: Choose your camping equipment and send us an enquiry about their availability! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Additional services
Model Y LR
Air mattress "Snooze Air"
With several air chambers for individual sleeping comfort
5 € per day
Tesla Camping Mattress "TEMORIES"
High quality memory foam
8 € per day
Comfort mattress
Simple, firm foam mattress with cold foam and soft padding. Recommended if you have little luggage, as it takes up the most space.
10 € per day
One-room tent
Tesla Model Y add-on tent for up to 2 people
15 € per day
Two-room tent
Tesla Model Y add-on tent for up to 4 people.
20 € per day
Booster seat with belt guide
e.g. Chicco for children from 3 to 12 years 15-36 kg group 2/3
1,50 € per day
Trailer coupling
Towing capacity unbraked ~750kg / braked ~1,600kg
Towing load ~100kg
5 € per day
Bicycle carrier (only possible with trailer coupling)
Capacity: Up to 2 bicycles
Maximum load: Up to 54 kg
5 € per day
For self-collection:
You can find us at our location in Hohenbrunn-Riemerling near Munich. Gladly the
at the Park&Ride parking lot at the S-Bahn station Neubiberg.

For delivery and pick-up service:
The price refers to a delivery or a pickup.
The prices are staggered according to kilometers:
0-10 KM: free of charge
10-20 KM: 29,99 €
20+ KM: 49,99 € + 0,99 € / KM
Contact us, if you have any questions.
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