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Tesla rental in Munich

Your exclusive Tesla rental service in Munich

At Veltyx, we offer you a comprehensive all-round experience that ensures you can enjoy your Tesla vehicle to the fullest.

If you decide to rent a Tesla Model Y or Model 3, you can expect not only a well-maintained vehicle, but also a personal service that leaves nothing to be desired. Our team will be happy to explain and hand over your desired Tesla Model in Munich to ensure that you are fully familiar with all the functions and features of your vehicle. This way, you can exploit the full potential of your Tesla right from the start.

At Veltyx, we believe that your experience with our Tesla rental service should be more than just driving an electric car. It should be an exploration of the future of mobility, accompanied by a service that leaves nothing to be desired.

Tesla rental for up to 30 days

Whether it's a one-day trip or a road trip lasting several weeks:
Choose a vehicle that suits your needs and design your next road trip according to your own ideas with Hile from our Tesla rental service.

Tesla subscription for 2-18 months

For all those who can't get enough of Tesla driving fun, Veltyx offers a rental subscription model in which a vehicle can be rented for several months. You choose a rental vehicle and have it at your disposal until the return date.
What our loyal customers say about the Veltyx Tesla rental
  • Philipp
    "The car was as described and clean at the handover. The handover itself was very good, flexible arrangement and easy to reach. Everything was compliant to COVID regulations as well."
  • Elke and Bernd
    "Dear Martin, thank you very much for the super friendly service and the smooth process! The exhaust-free and almost silent driving, the cool design inside and out, the impressive acceleration as well as the many little gadgets to discover have thrilled us. Gladly again :)"
  • Tobias
    "The communication before the handover was problem-free and spontaneous changes were responded to well. Handover was top, car was clean and in great condition and very understandable introduction. Overall good price / performance ratio, we recommend you gladly!"

Find out what drives us and how our company was founded

Our philosophy is characterized by a deep passion for electric driving. From our very first drive in a Tesla, we were overwhelmed by the impressive features that Tesla offers. The torque, the breathtaking acceleration, the modern design, the quietness in the interior - all of this came together to create an unforgettable driving experience. We were also particularly impressed by Tesla's Europe-wide fast-charging network with its Superchargers, which enables a seamless and convenient journey.

We wanted to share our enthusiasm for electromobility with others, and this motivation gave rise to the idea of a Tesla rental service in Munich.

With Veltyx, we are creating the opportunity for anyone interested to experience the fascination of electric driving up close. Whether it's a weekend trip, a day trip, a test drive or even a long-term subscription - we have the right type of Tesla rental for every need.

Our vision at Veltyx is to make electric mobility accessible to everyone while raising awareness of environmentally friendly transportation. We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to be part of this exciting and sustainable future of mobility.

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