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Tesla rental for business customers

We take you to every business appointment

With the modern and environmentally friendly Tesla models from Veltyx, you can reach any destination quickly and comfortably. At the same time we offer you a high driving range and fast charging times for a relaxed journey.

The Tesla fleet from Veltyx is always ready to take you to business appointments - whether in Munich or across Europe, in the city or countryside:
Our vehicles are not only environmentally friendly, but also comfortable and safe. Thanks to our flexible options, you can tailor each journey to your needs and receive exactly the vehicle you booked, as well as transparent billing with no hidden costs. This way you can concentrate on what's really important:
Your work.

Experience many advantages with Veltyx Business

Ein Preis

Transparent billing

Our prices include all services offered from the beginning. For example: charging before delivery, international travel, insurance, etc.
Persönliche Einweisung

Personal briefing

Are you driving an electric vehicle for the first time? No problem! We explain all the functions and answer all your questions about the vehicle, charging process, etc..

Relaxed and safe travel

Teslas are also the ideal vehicle for longer journeys. Benefit from the Tesla Supercharger network for fast charging and rely on excellent vehicle safety ratings.
Abholung und Rückgabe

Contribute to environmental protection

With Tesla vehicles, you choose an emission-free mode of transport and thus protect the environment and sustainably reduce your CO2 footprint.

Additional drivers free of charge

There are no additional charges for additional drivers of the Veltyx Teslas. One price for all services.

Business trips abroad

From Portugal to Norway - with Veltyx you can travel to any European country to visit your business partners with a few exceptions. Foreign travel and navigation included.

Vignette for Austria & Switzerland

Our vehicles are equipped with a (digital) vignette for Austria and Switzerland so that you can set off without stopping.

Premium Connectivity

All of our vehicles come with premium connectivity as standard, enabling streaming music and media, live traffic flow display and much more.

Online Meetings

Take care of meetings and calls seamlessly on the vehicle's touchscreen. Use the Zoom app to attend meetings in the vehicle, even with the camera when parked.

Benefit from our bonus program for business customers

With the Veltyx Bonus Program, we want to thank you for your short-term rentals (up to 30 days) and loyalty.

Participating in the programme is incredibly easy:
As soon as you rent vehicles with the same name at Veltyx, all rentals are taken into account in the Veltyx bonus program. Move up in our bonus program and enjoy the following benefits:
  • Eco-Explorer
    • 10% discount from 5 rentals per calendar year
  • Efficiency-Master
    • 15% discount from 15 rentals per calendar year
    • Extended free delivery up to 20km
    • Exklusive invitations to Veltyx events
    • Alle features from Eco-Explorer level included
  • Energy-Champion
    • 20% discount from 25 rentals per calendar year.
    • More flexible pick-up and drop-off times outside business hours
    • Electromobility Day: On request, we will visit your company location once a year with various Teslas and make them available for your team to test drive.
    • All features from the Efficiency Master Level included
For business customers we provide the booked vehicle within a 10km radius around our
location near Ottobrunn/Riemerling free of charge and at short notice to your desired address.

For delivery and pick-up service:
The price refers to one delivery or one collection.
The prices are staggered according to kilometres:
0-10 KM: free of charge
10-20 KM: 29,99 €
20+ KM: 49,99 € + 0,99 € / KM

Embark on your next business trip with the right Tesla model

Tesla Model 3

from 41€ per day
Range: ~ 250 - 350 km
Supercharger package bookable *
Aufladung: ca. 10 - 25 minutes at the Supercharger
Maximum speed: 225 km/h
Acceleration: 0 auf 100 km/h in 6,1 Sec.
More Details
Tesla Model 3
Long Range
from 55€ per day
Range: ~ 350 - 450 km
Supercharger package bookable *
Charging: ca. 10 - 25 minutes at the Supercharger
Maximum speed: 233 km/h
Acceleration: 0 auf 100 km/h in 4,4 Sec.
More details
Tesla Model 3 Performance
from 63€ per day
Range: ~ 350 - 450 km
Supercharger package bookable *
Charging: ca. 10 - 25 minutes at the Supercharger
Maximum speed: 261 km/h
Acceleration: 0 auf 100 km/h in 3,3 Sec.
More details
Tesla Model Y
Long Range
from 59€ per day
Range: ~ 300 - 400 km
Supercharger package bookable *
Charging: ca. 10 - 25 minutes at the Supercharger
Maximum speed: 217 km/h
Acceleration: 0 to 100 km/h in 5,0 Sec.
More details
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