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Tesla Camping: Everything you should know

Camping in a car doesn't sound very luxurious at first, but Tesla offers some features that can make your next camping trip a lot more enjoyable. The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are great for camping because of their many features and functions. This article describes how camping with Tesla works, what conveniences and features you can enjoy, and how to get the most out of your next holiday with your electric vehicle.

The Tesla Camp Mode: briefly explained

Camp mode is a standard feature built into every Tesla vehicle and can be easily activated via the climate menu. It uses air conditioning to create a comfortable sleeping environment, regardless of outside temperatures. Customisation allows you to adjust many settings to your personal preferences, such as reducing ventilation noise during the night. In addition to the interior temperature, the camping mode also ensures that the air humidity remains constantly low. This keeps the surfaces in the vehicle interior dry during the night and you can sleep peacefully. In addition, your Tesla's USB and 12V sockets are powered when Camp Mode is activated. So you can charge your mobile devices overnight as usual. Camp Mode also provides hours of media streaming, turning your Tesla into a powerful sound system for streaming your favourite movies or series.
Camping mode is also constantly updated to give you the best possible camping experience with useful features.

Activation and personalisation of the camping mode

To get the most out of Camping Mode in your Tesla, there are several settings you can make in your Driver Profile. Here are some points to keep in mind:
  1. Activating Camping Mode: Make sure Camping Mode is activated in your Tesla's settings. Check this by accessing the Climate or Vehicle menu on the touchscreen.
  2. Interior Temperature: Set the desired interior temperature to ensure maximum comfort while camping. You can do this either via the touchscreen or the app.
  3. Power supply: Check that the camp mode is supplying power to your vehicle's USB and 12V sockets.
  4. Lighting: Check the settings for the interior lighting. You can dim or turn off the lights to create a comfortable sleeping environment.
  5. Security: Don't forget to lock your vehicle doors to ensure safety while camping.

You can use Tesla Camp Mode in these models:

So far, the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y have Camping Mode. Please note: Mode features and capabilities may vary between models and software versions.
It is recommended to check the manufacturer's specific information or the vehicle documentation for detailed information on the camping mode functions for a particular model.

How many people can sleep in a Tesla?

The number of people who can camp or go on a road trip in a Tesla depends on the size of the vehicle and the space available inside. Generally, the vehicles offer enough space for 2 to 5 people, depending on the model.
  • Model S: This vehicle seats five and has a spacious interior. With proper preparation and use of the camping mode, several people can sleep in it, depending on preference.
  • Model 3: This car is slightly more compact, but still offers space for five seats. Here, too, several people can sleep inside.
  • Model X: This model is an SUV with optional third row seating, so it can seat up to seven people in total. This model offers more flexibility and space for camping activities.
  • Model Y: This model is also an SUV and offers space for up to seven people when the optional third row of seats is available. It offers similar possibilities for camping activities as other SUV variants.
When camping in a Tesla, it is important to consider the space available and the individual needs of the occupants. Here, we recommend inspecting the interior of the vehicle in advance and checking the seating configurations to determine how many people can comfortably spend the night in the vehicle and how much luggage can be carried. In addition, it is advisable to bring suitable sleeping pads, pillows and blankets to increase comfort during camping.

This way you can stay in your Tesla as comfortably as possible:

There are several ways to stay in a Tesla and use it for camping purposes:

Mattresses and sleeping systems:

To make sure you sleep as comfortably as possible, there are various mattresses and sleeping systems that have been specially developed for Teslas. These adapt perfectly to the contours of the vehicle and provide a comfortable place to sleep. You can choose inflatable mattresses, memory foam mattresses or other sleeping systems that are easy to store in the car.

Tesla tent extension to your Tesla:

Another option is to attach a tent to the Tesla. There are special Tesla tent solutions that can be attached directly to the car and offer additional space for camping. These tents can be attached to the rear or side wall of the Tesla.
They allow you to use the inside of the vehicle as a sleeping area, while the tent provides extra space for activities or storage. This gives you the option of carrying more camping equipment, a camping table, chairs, games and even water equipment such as kayaks or subs to make the most of your camping trip.
Please note: Before pitching the tent, make sure you place it in a suitable and safe location. Make sure you follow the local camping rules and regulations and that you have enough space for the tent.

Stand-alone tent:

Another option is to set up a separate tent next to the Tesla. You can use a conventional camping tent that is set up independently of the car. This option provides extra space for several people or to carry camping equipment such as tables, chairs, games and water equipment. The electric car can still serve as a means of transport and power source for camping, while the tent is used as a separate sleeping and lounging area. This option works well if you are travelling with a larger group or simply want more space for comfort and privacy.

Cinema on four wheels: Stream Netflix, Disney+ and Co.

The Teslas' built-in infotainment unit gives you access to a wide range of entertainment options via the touchscreen. By connecting to the internet, you can stream movies, TV shows and other content in top sound quality via your existing Netflix or Disney+ accounts. The in-car speakers deliver high-quality sound and an immersive movie experience. In addition to streaming services, Teslas can also offer other entertainment options, such as access to YouTube or music streaming services like Spotify.
Please note that viewing and streaming access while driving may be restricted in some countries and jurisdictions. It is recommended that you comply with local regulations and laws and use the streaming experience responsibly.
All Veltyx vehicles are equipped with Premium Connectivity, so if a radio signal is present, the functions are available. Alternatively, your car can be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Enough storage space - no problem with Tesla

Anyone who travels frequently knows that storage space can always be a problem. Especially on camping trips, more equipment is often needed than on other holidays. Tesla vehicles have a few practical solutions for this.

Bicycle carrier and trailer coupling for cycling enthusiasts

Bike racks and tow bars are popular add-ons for Tesla vehicles, especially for camping activities. They provide a safe and convenient way to transport your bike. These add-ons are robust, easy to fit and provide a secure attachment for bikes or trailers.
The combination of trailer couplings and bike racks with the Tesla Camping Mode opens up a wide range of possibilities for adventures. You can go on exciting bike tours during the day and then relax in comfort.
However, before installing bike racks or tow bars on your electric car, it is important to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions and recommendations to ensure safe and correct installation. In addition, you should take into account the vehicle's maximum load limit and ensure that it is not exceeded.

Fitting the roof rack with roof box

Roof racks with roof boxes are a practical addition to Teslas, especially for camping trips and skiing holidays. Whether it's a tent, sleeping bags, camping chairs, coolers or the like, they offer additional storage space and allow you to transport your equipment safely, comfortably and protected from the weather.
Before installing a roof rack and roof box, it is important to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions to ensure safe and correct installation. Also, be sure to consider your Tesla's maximum roof load and ensure that it is not exceeded.

Maximum Vehicle Load for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The maximum payload weight may vary depending on the equipment and configuration of the vehicle. The following information refers to the general guideline values for the respective Tesla models.

Tesla Model 3:

  • The maximum payload for the Tesla Model 3 is typically between 354 kg and 425 kg, depending on the variant and specific options selected. It is important to note that these values refer to the total payload weight, including passengers, luggage and other cargo.

Tesla Model Y:

  • This model typically offers a slightly higher payload capacity than the Model 3. The maximum payload can range from 410 kg to 490 kg, depending on the variant and specific options chosen.

What electrical devices can I charge in a Tesla?

Low-voltage socket outlet

The car usually has at least one socket, which is located in the rear compartment of the centre console. This is familiar from other vehicles for use as a cigarette lighter. The socket is suitable for accessories such as a portable cool box, etc. that require up to 12 A continuous current (16 A peak).
The Model Y has a second socket in the luggage compartment which also allows a somewhat larger accessory such as an electric pump for a SUB to be connected.

USB ports

Teslas usually have two USB ports located in the front compartment of the centre console, and can deliver a maximum power of about 15 W. (This may vary depending on the date of manufacture of the vehicle). Both ports are USB-C compatible.
There are two more USB-C ports in the rear of the centre console. These can charge USB devices.

Wireless phone charger

A wireless phone charger is built into the front console of the vehicles, providing up to 15 W of power to charge a Qi-enabled phone. To do this, simply place your phone on the charging surface.

Can I charge my Tesla at any campsite?

The availability of parking spaces and charging stations for Teslas at campsites can vary depending on the facilities and regulations available. Here are some general points that may help you:
  1. Pre-planning: Find out in advance about the campsite you want to visit and check if the campsite has charging stations for electric cars. This information can usually be found on the campsite's website or by contacting the campsite operator directly.
  2. Reservation: Make sure you book your stay and your desired pitch at the campsite in advance. If possible, indicate when making your reservation that you drive an electric vehicle and therefore need a charging station.
  3. Arrival: When arriving at the campsite, follow the instructions of the staff or the designated information in the parking areas for electric vehicles, if available. If there are no dedicated parking spaces for electric cars, please park in such a way that you do not block other vehicles or traffic routes.
  4. Use the charging station: If the campsite has charging stations, plug your electric vehicle into the appropriate socket. Follow the campsite's instructions and any charges for using the charging station.
  5. Monitor the charging process: Make sure that the charging process has been started and, if necessary, monitor the charging status of your vehicle during your stay at the campsite.
  6. Charging without a charging station: If there is no explicit e-car charging station at the campsite or in the immediate vicinity, caravan sites or even simple pitches usually have a regular power connection. Note: Charging takes significantly longer at a regular power point. Therefore, plug in your car as soon as you arrive, so you can relax and recharge for several hours. Please remember to find out the costs per kilowatt hour beforehand, as you will have to pay the electricity costs on your electricity bill at the end.
Also note that not all campsites have charging stations. In this case, you should consider alternative charging options near the campsite. These include public charging stations or charging stations near shops, hotels or petrol stations, as well as the Tesla Superchargers, which are being set up in more and more regions throughout Europe, including Switzerland.

How much electricity does a Tesla consume in camping mode?

Camp Mode power consumption may vary depending on various factors such as outside temperature, desired interior temperature, use of electrical appliances and duration of use. Tesla does not provide specific information on the exact power consumption of Camp Mode.
However, Camp mode is known to reduce the vehicle's battery level overnight. It is recommended to start the mode with sufficient battery charge to ensure that there is enough energy to operate the vehicle the next day. It is also possible to adjust the power settings to optimise power consumption in Camp Mode and extend battery life.
Here's a tip from us: Find out about using camp mode before you start your trip to optimise power consumption and ensure sufficient battery charge.
Our experience has shown that in summer, with an interior temperature of approx. 19 degrees Celsius and exterior temperatures of approx. 20- 25 degrees Celsius, a consumption of 5-15% of the vehicle battery can occur in one night. In winter, depending on the set interior temperature and outside temperature, a consumption of 15-30% of the total battery charge per night can occur. Especially in winter, it is recommended to fit the windows with special privacy and heat protection elements to reduce heat emission. Please note that the stated consumption figures for camping are only approximate values based on experience and are intended as a guide. Depending on temperatures and use, these can deviate significantly from the available functions.

Where can I find suitable Tesla (camping) accessories?

Discover the extensive range of accessories for Teslas at One highlight is the specially developed add-on tent "TEMORIES" for the Model Y. This innovative tent allows you to use the interior of your vehicle as a sleeping area, while the tent provides additional space for activities and storage. Find out more at and turn your car into a comfortable camping companion.

Where can I try out Tesla Camping with a rental vehicle?

With us - Veltyx, your Tesla rental specialist in Munich, you can try out various Tesla vehicles, which are all equipped with the camping mode, optionally with various camping mattresses suitable for Tesla vehicles or with an add-on tent specially developed for the Model Y by renting a Tesla. Rent a Tesla from Veltyx now at Veltyx Camping.

Tesla makes car camping more enjoyable than ever before

Our conclusion: Tesla camping is an absolute upgrade for all car campers who want to make their holiday a little more pleasant. Whether with a suitable mattress, attached tent, bike rack or additional storage space, you are equipped for all eventualities. In addition, the Camp Mode provides you with constantly good air quality in the interior so that you can enjoy streaming films, listening to music or simply sleep well.
Did you already know? At Veltyx, you can not only rent the Tesla of your choice, but also the camping accessories to go with it. We offer Tesla mattresses in various designs, add-on tents and bike racks as accessories. Everything booked? Then it's just a matter of picking up, getting in and driving off on your ideal holiday with Veltyx! You can find more details under Veltyx Camping.
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