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Tesla Model 3 SR+ arrived

Today was the day and we picked up a Tesla Model 3 SR+ in Tesla Service Center in Hannover.

Thanks to Ove Kröger, whose service (TESLA ÜBERGABE INSPEKTION) we have used, the discover minor defects were still fixed directly on site. Many thanks Ove.

We used the transfer to Munich to get to know the new Model 3 and enjoyed the ride home very much. The vehicle was handed over with a charge level of about 70%. Thanks to the integrated charging stations in the vehicle navigation incl. live voucher status, you always know when and where to charge next.

The first charging stop was after about 184km at the Malsfeld Supercharger and the first time at the Superchager was totally easy. Park, open the charging door, plug in the CCS and the car is charged. No map, no app - again, everything is integrated into the car. After a pee break, a small snack and 32kWh, the journey towards Munich continued.
The second stop was made after about 164km at the Supercharger Gramschatzer Wald. After a short stretch of the legs and 33kWh, the journey started again.
The third stop was made after about 155km at the Supercharger Hipoltstein near Sindersdorf. After a short time and 16kWh, we continued again on the A9. A few additional minutes and kWh would have been enough for the remaining distance to Munich.
Since a direct onward journey was still pending in the evening and the charging was to take place in the fastest charging range (SoC 10 - 60%), another stop was made at the Supercharger Schweitenkirchen and 24kWh were charged there.

In total, about 105kWh were charged for the entire distance of about 657km at the Tesla Superchargers at a cost of about €34.65. Thanks to the used Tesla referral code of Ove, one gets a Supercharger credit of 1500km from Tesla for free when buying a Tesla, so that the charges actually cost 0 €. If you convert the consumed amount of electricity of 105 kWh into diesel or gasoline, you get the following values:
Diesel: 10.7 liters
Gasoline: 12.5 liters
The converted liter values for diesel and gasoline correspond to the entire distance of approx. 657 km and not only for the first 100km or a consumption of liters per 100klm. There you can see directly how efficient an electric vehicle is.

Charging on the road was no problem at all thanks to the Tesla Supercharger network and there was never any fear whether the next charging station would work or not, whether it was occupied or whether the battery charge would be sufficient until then. The consumption calculation in the vehicle navigation is rather conservative and enough aids are provided in the vehicle to be able to tackle spontaneous long distances.

With this trip and the positive experiences at the Tesla Superchargers, you can feel comfortable even with the Model 3 SR+, with the smallest battery.

As of now, the vehicle is available for you to rent at Rent now!

We look forward to seeing you.

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