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What can a Tesla do? Tesla key features explained

From the Tesla app to autopilot, Tesla offers a variety of features that go far beyond conventional cars. In this article, we will take a detailed look at what a Tesla can do by examining various aspects such as the Tesla app, the onboard computer, and the ability to camp in a Tesla.

Simple and central control via the Tesla app

The Tesla app offers a variety of features that make the driving experience seamless and user-friendly. Through the app, you can not only access basic vehicle information such as battery status and range but also control various vehicle functions. For example, you can preheat or cool your Tesla vehicle from your smartphone, unlock the door, or monitor and control the charging process. Additionally, the Tesla app integrates various services and features that make driving easier and more enjoyable. These include route planning with Supercharger integration, downloading and installing software updates directly through the app, and opening and starting the vehicle without any delay in control. Thus, the Tesla app is not only a useful tool for remotely controlling your vehicle but also a central hub for all Tesla-specific services and functions, and additional keys that enhance your driving experience.

Top technology for maximum driving comfort

Tesla vehicles offer an impressive driving experience thanks to their innovative technology and advanced performance features. Apart from the impressive yet quiet acceleration, which is not limited to 140 or 160 km/h, and the nearly silent driving, as well as consumption efficiency, Tesla's customers are convinced by additional features.

Cameras for surround view

An outstanding feature is the comprehensive onboard cameras that enable a new type of 360-degree view around the vehicle. These high-resolution cameras continuously capture the surroundings and provide the driver with a detailed image of their immediate environment. This not only increases safety by allowing potential obstacles to be detected early but also significantly facilitates parking and maneuvering in tight spaces. In addition to the normal mirrors, the live images from the onboard cameras and the computer-generated 360-degree view are displayed in real-time on the large touchscreen in the vehicle, providing the driver with even better control over their surroundings.

Tesla features for higher safety standards

Safety in Tesla vehicles is ensured through a range of features. Regular software updates play a crucial role by not only providing new features such as blind-spot indicators, an updated user interface, new apps, and improved parking aids but also by closing potential security vulnerabilities. In addition, PIN codes serve as security features to prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle. Tesla's Keyless-Go system is not listed on the ADAC's list of compromised vehicles, indicating its reliability in terms of theft protection. Furthermore, the Sentry Mode helps protect the vehicle by detecting potential threats and thus emitting an alarm sound and recording the vehicle's surroundings.

Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving

The Tesla Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) offer advanced driver assistance features for a seamless and safe driving experience. It provides an assistance system, autonomous highway driving, lane changes, parking, and leaving parking spaces. The Full Self-Driving features are expected to go even further in the future, allowing autonomous driving while the driver can relax. The Tesla Full Self-Driving promise and its potential have been tested for several years in North America with a completely new software version by Tesla and private beta testers. We will report on the impressive progress and further details in a separate article in the future.

The Tesla onboard computer as the heart of the vehicle

The Tesla onboard computer provides an overview of a variety of features that enhance the driving experience. Thanks to the central placement of the touchscreen and its size, it is easily accessible and operable for both drivers and passengers. Apart from the touchscreen, there are no other classic controls in a Tesla.

The tesla navigation system

The central function of the display is navigation. It offers an intuitive user interface that allows for seamless navigation from one destination to another. The clear map view and real-time traffic information help the driver reach the specified destination as effortlessly as possible or assess the traffic situation even without a destination. Particularly noteworthy is the continuous calculation of range under various factors such as wind, weather, speed, tire pressure, etc. Thanks to regular map updates, optimal routes are calculated on every trip to avoid congestion and make the travel time as short as possible. In addition to navigation, the display also serves as a speedometer and provides the driver with all the important information to be observed during the journey.

Easily accessible vehicle settings

In addition to the Tesla app, the onboard computer is the central control unit of the Tesla. There you will find an extensive range of vehicle settings and monitoring functions that allow you to customize the vehicle according to your personal preferences and keep important vehicle information in view. Through the onboard computer interface, drivers can create their own driver profiles, control the climate of their vehicle to regulate the interior temperature according to their preferences, and ensure optimal comfort during the journey. Furthermore, the onboard computer controls the charging of the vehicle by displaying the charging status and allowing the driver to start and stop the charging process, whether at home at a wallbox or on the go at a Tesla Supercharger charging station.

Check the vehicle's status in one glance

Another important feature of the Tesla onboard computer is the display of vehicle information such as battery status, range, and consumption. Drivers have access to real-time data on the condition of the Tesla vehicle at all times, helping to optimize driving behavior and adjust routes accordingly. The display of battery status provides information about how much energy is still available in the battery, while the range indication helps drivers carefully plan their intended journey, especially for longer distances. In addition, the onboard computer provides information on the vehicle's consumption, including energy consumption per kilometer and total mileage, helping to monitor and optimize vehicle efficiency.

Premium connectivity for entertainment on the go

For all music or podcast enthusiasts, Tesla's audio and entertainment equipment offers an impressive sound experience that makes every journey special.

An Audio System for Music Fans

Tesla's premium audio system is equipped with high-quality speakers and a powerful sound system that delivers first-class sound quality. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite music, audiobooks, or podcasts, the Tesla onboard computer allows you to select the audio source via the large touchscreen and adjust the volume and other audio parameters according to your preferences. Please note that the sound system may vary depending on the vehicle equipment (such as from Model Y to Model Y Long Range), resulting in differences in sound quality.

Enjoy streaming services wherever you are

In addition to playing local media, the premium audio system also integrates streaming services such as Spotify, TuneIn, and more. Through premium connectivity, Tesla drivers also have access to a variety of entertainment options that make the driving experience even more enjoyable. Streaming services like Netflix or YouTube can be used to enjoy movies, videos, and series in high quality with premium sound, for example, during charging breaks. In addition, the Tesla onboard computer offers a selection of entertaining games as well as a full-fledged internet browser, allowing passengers to access the internet while driving.

Many benefits for your smartphone

Since the smartphone can be used as a key for Tesla vehicles through the Tesla app, it is naturally always with you when you want to go for a drive. Therefore, Tesla offers features that benefit smartphone users far beyond simply opening and controlling the vehicle!

Charge & safely store your smartphone while driving

One of these features is the wireless charging station located between the driver and passenger seats, just below the touchscreen. It allows you to effortlessly charge your smartphone without a charging cable. With room for two smartphones side by side, the wireless charging station provides a convenient way to charge your

Bluetooth connection for maximal comfort

Additionally, Tesla offers the option to connect your smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth. This connection not only serves to link the Tesla app with your car but also enables seamless integration of your music streaming services, for example. By connecting your smartphone to the Tesla, you can easily and conveniently play your favorite songs without needing to take additional steps through the vehicle's onboard computer. Moreover, the Bluetooth connection is, of course, utilized for utilizing the vehicle's hands-free system. It allows you to make and receive calls safely and conveniently while driving, without needing to take your hands off the steering wheel. The hands-free system in a Tesla works seamlessly and straightforwardly. Once you've connected your smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth, you can control the phone functions through the Tesla's central touchscreen.

Controlling the onboard computer via voice recognition

One of the most useful features of the hands-free system in a Tesla is voice control. With an advanced voice recognition system, you can make calls simply by stating the desired contact or dictating a phone number. Similarly, you can adjust vehicle settings (such as playing a song, changing the windshield wiper level, setting the passenger seat heater to level 1, etc.) without needing to navigate to the Tesla menu on the screen to adjust the settings. Simply press the voice command button on the steering wheel and clearly state your instructions. The hands-free system understands your commands and executes the desired actions.

Tesla dog mode for happy pets

Due to Tesla's Dog Mode, the well-being of dogs in the car is ensured when their owners are away for short periods and their pets are waiting in the car. By activating this mode, the interior temperature of the parked vehicle is regulated in both summer and winter to ensure the comfort of the animal. At the same time, the display shows a message informing passersby that the climate control for the pet is active and there is no cause for concern. This feature is a clever solution to ensure both the safety and comfort of pets while they wait in the car for their owners.

Tesla camping thanks to special features

Especially the Tesla Model Y offers a comfortable and practical way to camp on the go, thanks to its spacious interior. Its equipment allows you to stretch out and have enough space to sleep during the night. The seats can be easily brought into a reclined position, and with the option to fold down the rear seats, a large and flat sleeping area is created. The comfort during overnight stays in the Tesla is further increased by the Tesla Camping Mode. By activating this mode, the air conditioning or heating of the vehicle remains active, ensuring a pleasant temperature inside the cabin during the night. Additionally, other Tesla vehicles, such as the Model 3, Model X, or Model S, also have the Camping Mode, so Tesla owners can find the potential for a comfortable overnight stay in any Tesla model.
Furthermore, the lighting system ensures that there is adequate light inside the vehicle, further improving safety and comfort. The Tesla Camping Mode thus provides an optimal environment for a restful night's sleep while camping or traveling.

Activating Tesla Camp Mode on the Touchscreen

If you're inspired to go camping and are looking for a way to do it as comfortably as possible, then read our article about Tesla Camping. For an even more comfortable overnight stay in the Tesla, we offer a range of accessories on our website, from mattresses to special tents for more privacy, to equip your Tesla vehicle optimally for camping. These high-quality accessory products have been specifically designed for use in Tesla vehicles and guarantee a pleasant overnight experience. In addition, you can of course also rent a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y from us to complete the experience. Click here to view our offers!

Ready for anything with Tesla's various features

In summary, Tesla offers an impressive range of modern features that revolutionize the driving experience and go beyond conventional cars. From convenient control via the Tesla app to the extensive functionality of the Tesla onboard computer and entertainment options during the journey, there's something for everyone.
Also, our vehicles at Veltyx are equipped with top-notch equipment that can showcase all the benefits of Tesla features. Rent a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y in Munich today and enjoy the benefits you can experience firsthand. Whether it's a short trip or a long-term rental model: Try out all the features of the Tesla vehicle of your choice!
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